Available Projects

These are Projects I would very much like to tattoo. If you are interested in claiming a piece, please fill out a request form located in the FAQs page or the Tattoos page 

if you are interested in a stone setting, but don’t see one here that strikes you, I commonly take custom setting requests when I have cancellations, any updates will be posted about cancellations and openings at @megadamson on Instagram. 


Ouroboros with wild rose, cottonwood buds, crow feather. - 5inches or larger - color optional - 3 or more hours (this is a light sketch, actual tattoo will have much more detail and shading)


Unbinding Wreath

Unbinding Wreath w Fox Skull, Wild Rose, Eucalyptus, and Anemone. - Color or black and grey - 7.5inches or larger.  4-5ish + hours. (This sketch shows less detail/shading than actual tattoo)