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These 3 gift certificate paintings are good for 1 hour towards a tattoo of your choice. 100% of proceeds will go to Portland People's Outreach Project (PPOP) and the Trans Assistance Project. Purchase includes priority booking, and an original painting, which will be sent to you ASAP & each painting has a code word on the back that can be used to redeem. (price is adjusted to include free shipping, I can't turn shipping off on this robot for one item apparently...)

Thank You so much for supporting 2 radical organizations. More information about what they do can be found below. 

"The Portland People’s Outreach Project, or PPOP, is an all-volunteer organization in Portland that provides clean syringes, Naloxone (Narcan), and other harm reduction supplies directly to users. PPOP strives to serve the needs of the injection drug-using community by distributing vital harm-reduction supplies within a supportive, non-judgmental context."  


"Trans Assistance Project, or TAP, is a national trans-led organization that gives money to and advocates on behalf of trans folks attempting to navigate legal and bureaucratic systems. By listening to and trusting trans people, we allow them to self-determine their own path to care."                        

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