When are your books opening?

- my books are closed until further notice BUT! There is a newsletter sign up at the bottom of this page! If you want to be notified about my availability, sign up to receive very infrequent emails about openings, travel dates, and project previews. Last minute openings are usually announced on Instagram.

Where do you tattoo? 

- I own and operate a private licensed art and tattoo studio in downtown Vancouver, Washington. 15 minutes from NE Portland. Occasionally I guest in other cities while traveling. Travel announcements will be made on IG and in my newsletter.

How do I get tattooed by you?

- If there are projects available to be tattooed you will see an Available Projects page in my site menu, and can claim one by filling out a request form. To make an appointment for a custom tattoo, or consultation, use the form below if available. If you do not see a form below, that means my books are full/closed and I am not taking new appointments at the moment, but I open my books every 3 months, so you can keep updated on current projects and openings by following @megadamson on IG, signing up for my newsletter below, or check back here soon. 

What are your rates? 

- My current rate is 175 per hour, with a with an $100 deposit which will be deducted from your first hour. Hourly for larger projects caps at $600 per session. The Minimum for stone settings is $200 (My shop is in Washington State which means I pay sales tax. This is included in my hourly rate) Deposits can be purchased in the shop page when booking is open once an appointment for a consult or tattoo has been made. Please do not give me money until I give ya the go ahead. On benefit flash days, flash typically ranges from 50-200 flat price. Flash days will be announced on the home page or on IG, and happen every couple months or so. 

If you are concerned with budget restraints, I am more than happy to work with you on something that is affordable.

(A note on tipping: it is never required or expected, but appreciated If you have the means or privilege to do so.)

How long does it take to tattoo your stones?

-This depends on the type of stone and complexity of colors involved, but for a general idea of a stone in a setting… Turquoise = 1 hour. Labradorite, an Intricate Jasper, Malachite, Opal: between 1&2 hours. Prisms= 1-3 hours depending on size and wether it’s a combo.

I am always wanting to try new stones! Also, additional botanicals, etc, will take more time, obviously.

Do you do have "flash" or do custom work?

-Both! I always have projects of all sizes in color and b&g that I am anxious to complete.  I am also open to collaborating on your ideas if you (and I) think I would be the right artist for the job. I give priority to projects related to common themes in my personal work (including but not limited to: natural objects, bones, fine black and grey line work mixed with realistic drawn objects, patterns and textiles, also... I DO like portraits but I prefer to draw them in my own style. ) I also occasionally have benefit flash days, flash typically ranges from 50-200 flat price. Flash days will be announced on the home page or on IG, and happen every month or so. 

That tattoo you did on someone else is exactly what I want, can I have that too? 

- Aside from some small flash, I never tattoo my drawings more than once. All of my work is personal to me and also to the person carrying it for life,  it should not be copied. If you enjoy and respect my work, talk to me! We can create something just for you. 

I have darker skin, is this a problem for your style of work? 

- Hell no! Reliquary is inclusive as fuck and we don't believe in any racist or sexist bullshit perpetuated as an excuse for limitations within tattoo culture. If you are concerned with how your tattoo idea will heal and settle to your skin tone, I am open to discussion, happy to help with something best suited for you, and provide a free color swatch test if you would like.

Touch Up Policy -

- Don’t hesitate to reach out for a touch up! Your first touch up booked within 18 months is on the house. Any touch up after your first or after 12 months will only be charged the cost of your deposit. *Touch ups needed due to negligence on your part to properly care for your healing tattoo with be charged a normal hourly*

Cancellation Policy - 

- I require 72 hours notice for any refunds on deposits for flash / available projects. NO refunds will be given on deposits made for for custom tattoos after a drawing has been made, consider this a drawing fee. Rescheduling 72 hours before your appointment does not require an additional deposit.

Ignorance Policy - 

 We will not tolerate hate speech of ANY kind in our studio. You will be asked to get the fuck out. promptly. 

*       *      *

For tattoo appointment inquiries please fill out the form below if available. Any and all other inquiries NOT RELATED TO TATTOO APPOINTMENTS please feel free to contact

Thanks and I will get back to you as soon as I can! :)