May - June - PDX Flash at Compound Gallery, Portland OR.
June - July - "New Western Medicine Show" - Collaborations with Kevin Hennessy at Ironwood, Denver, CO


February - May - Installation at BorderMX Contemporary Arts Center, Mexico City, MX
July - August - Solo at Blackbird Gallery, Las Vegas NV.


September - Solo at Field Day, Oakland, CA
May - July - A Southern Migration - Collaborative Show & Installation w/ Angy Wills, Arca Gallery, Mexico City, MX
March - Mural Installation Collaboration w/ Angy Wills, GURU Gallery, Mexico City, MX
January - Night of the Hunter. Anniversary show at Antler Gallery, Portland, OR


July 13 - August 12 - PangeSeeds' The Great West Coast Migration Tour. Visiting.. 
-Seattle, Roq La Rue
-Portland, Grasshut Corp. 
-SF, Spoke Art Gallery
-L.A., LeBasse Projects
-Sacramento, Milk Gallery
May 25th - June 15 - Solo at Antler Gallery, Portland Oregon
March - April - Translating A Wild Unknown - Solo at Vertigo Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico


December - "5 year show" Breeze Block Gallery, Portland Oregon
November - "Celebrating the Universe" Blackbird Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada
July - "Friendship Rituals" Solo at Together Gallery, Portland Oregon
June - "Alone Time" - Mural Installation, Breeze Block Gallery, Portland Oregon
April - Hatos, Nakameguro, Tokyo
January - "Family Quilt 3" at Together Gallery, Portland Oregon.


October - "Life in the Coffin" Ecdysiast Studio, Portland Oregon.
July - "The Great Outdoors" at Pony Club Gallery, Portland Oregon.
June - "Diorama Drama" at Pony Club Gallery, Portland Oregon.
April - "The Dregs" at The Side Door, Portland Oregon.
February - "100 Bones" at Ecdysiast, Portland Oregon


October - "Family" at Launch Pad Gallery
September - "Hunter Gatherer" Solo Show at Breeze Block Gallery, Portland, OR.
April - "She's Crafty" at Lyrik, Portland OR.
February - "100 Bones" at Breeze Block Gallery, Portland OR.


October - "Darks, Lights, and Colors" at Pony Club Gallery, Portland OR.
September - With Alyson Bennette at Ecdysiast Studio, Portland OR. 
March - "11:11" at Pony Club Gallery, Portland OR


April - "On Duty" at Breeze Block Gallery, Portland OR